Antoine Griezmann left Atletico Madrid for Barca during the last summer and it didn’t matter that La Blaugrana defeated Rojiblancos in front of their home ground, the fans still made it a point of duty to remind Barcelona’s current no. 7 of his betrayal in his quest of searching for greener pastures.

From the kick-off till the final whistle, Griezmann was booed every time he touched the ball.

Atletico supporters were also reported to have repeatedly wish death upon the French man they used to be grateful he was born to play for them. Reports say should the FA take the matter up, the Rojibancos at least face a hefty fine and by extension, a ban of some sorts.

Griezmann enjoyed his best years at Atletico but the manner in which he left the club left a lot of sour in so many people’s mouth.

After pledging his future to Madrid following a season-long back and forth transfer saga, it took only a year before he broke his promise and even threatened to sue the club should they stop him from switching to Barcelona.

The French man has not found life at the Camp Nou any better apart from serving as a glorified servant to the whims and caprices of Lionel Messi.

The fact that many established strikers and wingers have all raised this issue more than once makes complaining on the part of Griezmann, a futile exercise.

The former Atletico man knew what he was getting himself into when he put pen to paper and any crying of any sorts will only generate more mockery and laughter from his former team.

Phillipe Coutinho is once more enjoying the beautiful game while Griezmann for all his abilities prior to coming to Barca is being consistently forced to play to Messi’s strength.

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