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Domain management isn’t as complicated as it sounds; it is straightforward and as easy as you think of it. It gets a little complicated though as your company grows and the need for multiple domains, or subdomains that identify particular locations in your website, crop up. Here are a few instructions that every domain owner must follow while to get the best out of his services:

  1. The most important thing that should be ensured is that you have your own domain. You are rightful of your domain only if you are a registrant. Only registering your domain gives you the authority to perform any function on your domain and website. Ensure your personal or business name in the domain instead of the agency’s name.
  2. Make sure you add the name of the registrar with whom you have registered the domain, and link of the control panel must also be added along. This helps a great deal to keep track of any change. Collect the name of all domains and make a list of it. Now ensure all of them are registered. You may use tools like or WHOIS interface for this. Consolidate them into a single registrar.
  3. With whom you are resolving the domain is a factor that should mandatorily keep in mind. You can use the tool to locate your domain. All you have to do is enter your domain name in it.
  4. Experts suggest consolidating all your domains in one portfolio or a small number of portfolios. Too many portfolios may lead to fragmentation of domain registration.

Auto renewal should be enabled for your domain which will eliminate the risk of domain expiration due to negligence. Domain expiration leads to losing your domain which could affect your business tremendously.

  • Two-factor authentication of your domain should be enabled to prevent it from the trespassers who might harm your domain by changing it or canceling it. it is the best way to keep your domain safe and secured
  • In order to avoid losing access to your domain management at any point of time, it is best to share your account details ideally with 2 other people. in case an employee of your company leaves and takes away all the details of your domain with him, you will have two other people to have everything required with them
  • In case you have a customized domain, make sure they are locked for any changes being made, monitoring of the emails. The domain must be verified the moment there is a change in contacts. Add an email account which can receive notifications and alerts in case of any change.

When you have an online business, make sure you have the following features on your website to bring out the best in it:

  1. A good Website builder and a full-featured blog               
  2. Multiple  international payment gateways          
  3. Unlimited bandwidth and products        
  4. Global tax and currency support              
  5. Optimized search engine
  6. Gift cards and discount codes

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