Don’t be intimidated to get the jewellery you want

Jewellery has been the most important part of a human’s life from the ancient days. In history, there were times when men used to wear lots and lots of gold and other jewels, which was comparatively more than a woman. They used to wear jewelleries to show them beautiful, attractive and wealthy. People of every age have witnessed that both men and women possess jewelleries to look their best and their love for the jewellery have remained the same with the time except the changing trends and styles. You can search any images of Kings or emperors to witness the weight of their finery. Fashion does not have any masculine and feminine differences, what is in trend that is fashion. 

Jewellery is only for women. This has changed the trends, as nowadays men are breaking the stereotype thoughts. The trend has begun a long way back. Previously men used to look at magazines to keep up with the style and trend, but nowadays men don’t need magazines, they have instagram. Instagram is the app which talks about recent trends. When we say mens wedding rings jewellery there comes add-on accessories which are: watches, bracelets, rings, tie bars, necklaces, cufflinks, and earrings. But you have to go through some tips to maintain the trend. 

  • Watches

A watch is the best thing when it comes about men’s accessories. A watch is a symbol of your status. A proper watch can be functional and classy. Leather strap watch is best for casual or formal occasions. But a metal strap watch will be only for formal events. 

  • Bracelets

It’s easy to pair your outfit with a bracelet, as it is small and stackable. If you are wearing a bracelet with a watch, take care that it matches with your watch. As a metal strap will not go with a bracelet, you can pair it with a leather strap. You can wear leather or wooden bracelets with casual and business outfits. You can also wear a metal bracelet with your party outfits.

  • Necklaces 

Like any other accessories a necklace should also match with your personality and appearance. When you are going to work or a meeting try to wear a metal necklace. Although a hemp necklace will suit casual look.

  • Earrings

Earrings can draw a lot of attention towards you, so you have to be aware of using it. In your workplace keep it subtle. And for Saturday night’s party pair yourself with shining stud to draw all the attention of ladies.  

  • Cufflinks 

It is mostly reserved for special occasions. It is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. But you have to pair it with a perfect suit to get the look. You can have a minimal but strong design with your cufflinks. 

  • Tie Bar

A tie bar is functional and fashionable. Being from a great piece, it always keeps your tie in a place. One must know the proper place of the tie bar, it will place between 3rd and 4th shirt button.  

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